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January 11th, 2011 - Hoidays in LDE Land
Well Happy Holidays to all from LDE to you. Our season started off great with the addition of Harper Kaythran Kominski and she even made an apperence on stage a month later at our Holiday Performance. After Holloween our schedule slowed down a bit in time for Phil and Elizabeth to welcome thier second born into the family and for us to get working on our Holiday Expereince Record. Most of November was spent recording and rehesraing holiday music and by the time our show at the Blackrock Center for Arts happened, I was all our of Hoilday Tollerence.

I do enjoy the music, but after 100 hours of recording and mixing the same songs, I had just about enough spirited verse that I could handel. Shows around the holidays though are always very special and fun. Relesing our CD at Blackrock could not have gone better and shows leading up to Christmas we full of fans and festivities. Although no snow has fallen yet this year

What Makes Me Smile:
  • The Beer Selection at Rathskeller
  • When 100 hippies asked us if we were the Avett Brothers. They were playing on the other side of the city, but somehow they wondered over to a wine festival.
  • GroundsKeeper Willy
  • Caps games with Donnie and Carlos
  • The Penn State Grizzly Bear
  • Redskins wrist bands around my ankles
  • Getting to stop running after 4 hours
  • Drinking a Guinness barefoot at a bar

  • Cheers, Chris

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